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ASWANT Solution And Kaspersky Partnership Encourage Cyber Immunity In Indonesia And Malaysia

JAKARTA – Kaspersky announced its partnership with leading local technology company ASWANT Solution to build a cyber immunity ecosystem in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The global cybersecurity company listed ASWANT Solution as its first distributor for Kaspersky Thin Client, an operating system for client coins based on KasperskyOS (operative system).

“This strategic partnership with ASWANT Solution will allow us to expand our reach in Malaysia and Indonesia,” said Andrey Suvorov, Head of KasperskyOS Business in an official statement received Wednesday, November 15.

In addition, Suvorov said that, the most important thing is that the safe Kaspersky design solution will now be readily available for organizations in these countries, so that the thin client infrastructure is managed and functioning can be accessed to embrace advanced economic digitization, namely cyber immunity.

Patented by Kaspersky, the cyber immunity approach is a means to create a nearly impossible solution to compromise and minimize the amount of potential vulnerability.

Kaspersky Thin Client is a solution designed to give users access to remote desktops and serve as a replacement for local workstations.

The partnership with ASWANT Solution marks a milestone for Kaspersky’s efforts to empower businesses and organizations in Indonesia and Malaysia with built-in thin client security.